The DipologSportsCity 2020 is a transformation program anchored on the Performance Governance System. It highlights the commitment of the City Government to pursue real transformation in administering local development founded on good governance and performance excellence. The program approach is comprehensive as it covers the essential areas in local governance, i.e., from internal processes of the City Government to the socio-economic benefits of the constituents.

The DipologSportsCity 2020 is aimed at transforming the City Government into a more efficient and professional government office composed of public servants committed to its mandate. It also nurtures the culture of excellence and spirit of team work among them.

The DipologSportsCity 2020 has three (3) components. The Governance Charter defines the strategic direction of the City for the next six (6) years. The Strategy Map outlines the strategy and illustrates the perspectives to realize the vision. The Balanced Scorecard translates the strategic objectives into quantifiable items and specific actions to facilitate strategy execution, monitoring and review.

The Change Agenda

For the past decades, officials who took turns in taking the reins of government, adopt several strategies in order for the city to achieve economic growth. However, efforts made by these administrations had been impeded, if not forestalled, by looming realities, such as:

(1) High cost of doing business;

(2) Volatile peace and order in some areas of the Zamboanga Peninsula region which wrongly depicts and stereotypes the entire region as place of terror and violence, thereby making it hard for Dipolog to attract huge investments;

(3) Lack of strategic direction that guides the City Government in synchronizing efforts towards attaining a singular development goal.

This backdrop did not dampen the firm resolve of the City to dream for a better and meaningful future. In 2009, the City Government of Dipolog enlisted in the good governance program, the Performance Governance System (PGS), of the Institute of Solidarity in Asia. It is hoped that by institutionalizing the PGS in the operations of the City Government, the kind of development, that all Dipolognons desire, i.e., a development that benefits the majority, will be attained.

Defining the Strategic Direction

First Key Component:   The Dipolog Governance Charter

The Dipolog Governance Charter is an expression of the principles defining the nature and purpose of the City Government. It also sets the strategic development direction that the City Government will pursue in the next six (6) years.   The Dipolog Governance Charter comprises the Mission, Values, and Vision.

The Mission:





The mission of Dipolog under the DipologSportsCity 2020 is a reiteration of the main purpose of the City Government, as a local government unit, as it provides services to its constituents.   It serves as a reminder to the officials, officers and employees that every policy or action that they take should lead to the betterment of life and well-being of the Dipolognons.

The Values

To define the character of the City Government, in general, and the employees, in particular, and in order to effectively carry out the mission, each official, officer, or employee of the City Government should possess the following core values:

1. Integrity or “Kaligdong”

We decide and act according to our commitment.

2. Common Good or “Kaayuhan sa Tanan”

We selflessly work for the general welfare of all.

3. Professionalism or “Propesyonalismo”

We observe discipline, possess the right attitude and cultivate team spirit to do what must be done to serve more effectively and efficiently.

The Vision



With the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of the Dipolognons, and with due consideration of the opportunities and strengths of Dipolog, representatives of the different sectors of the community perceived that the city has competitive advantages in the area of sports.

Supportive to the National Vision of Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth

In achieving the vision, strategies shall be formulated and implemented in such a way that the poor families would benefit from it and, thus, expected to contribute to improving their quality of life. Dipolog shall not only improve its sports facilities, but develop its ability to host sports competitions and sports recreation activities, which will entice tourists to come to the city due to superb sports recreation experiences.

As more sports events are conducted in Dipolog, and as more sports recreations are operationalized, tourists, both international and domestic, are expected to come to Dipolog. When there is a constant influx of tourists, increase in the production of goods and services will likely occur, which will result to improving the economy of Dipolog and the lives of its people.

Outlining the Strategy

Second Key Component: The Dipolog Strategy Map

The Dipolog Strategy Map illustrates several approaches that the City Government should take in its journey towards becoming the Center of Outdoor Sports of the South by 2020. It also outlines the priority objectives spread out in five (5) perspectives. The Process Excellence, Employee and Financial perspectives are focused on improving the internal processes, capacities and competencies of the City Government, while Customer and Citizen perspectives ensure that positive outcome shall result from the services provided or actions taken by the City Government for the stakeholders.

Annex D. 2020 Dipolog Strategy Map
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Customer Perspective

The Customer Perspective deals with providing quality services and outstanding environment to the customers of the City. Under the 2020 vision, identified customers are the athletes, visitors/tourists, and investors.

Strategic Objective 1. Develop a menu of exciting activities for visitors

This objective is focused on providing side events in terms of tour packages, initially, for the athletes and sports enthusiasts, and their families and friends when they come to Dipolog during sport events. When in Dipolog, superb experiences whether in sports events or in availing tour packages shall be ensured at all times, so as when they go back to their respective places, they become the city’s “ambassadors” in promoting the city as a sports or tourism destination.  As visitors and tourists grow in number, these sports tour packages will be offered all year round.

Strategic Objective 2. Attract investors to establish the best facilities for outdoor sports

With the limited financial resources, the City Government cannot put up the needed sports facilities so as to attain the vision within the next six (6) years. Thus, Public-Private Partnerships scheme will be employed in the construction/completion of sports facilities.

Strategic Objective 3. Provide clean, orderly, safe and congenial (COSCO)  environment

This objective shall facilitate excellent experiences of athletes, businessmen, visitors and tourists in the city by effecting improvement on the cleanliness and orderliness, peace and order, and making the Dipolognons tourist-friendly.

Process Excellence Perspective

Under the Process Excellence perspective, efforts shall be focused on improving some systems within the City Government that are critical in achieving the 2020 vision.

Strategic Objective 4. Host major sport events of a national and international sports governing body

To be an excellent host to sports events, the City Government needs to develop its competence as well as establish standards/policies and procedures on this area. Adequate competencies, coupled with set of standards, will attract more sports organizers to stage their sports events in the city.

Strategic Objective 5. Improve service delivery of identified frontline and support offices

The City Government recognized that in providing frontline services to the Dipolognons, visitors and investors, there should always be room for continuous improvement. Business processes inside the City Government that is greatly affecting the attainment of the 2020 Vision is looked into under this strategic objective.

Employee Perspective

The Employee Perspective deals with enhancing the capabilities of the workforce of the City Government.

Strategic Objective 6. Level-up competency of strategic units

Excellent and quality services and efficient government systems emanate from competent employees. Competency improvement shall target employees of offices that are involved in implementing strategic initiatives.

Citizen Perspective

The Citizen Perspective focuses on targets that shall benefit the majority of the Dipolognons.

Strategic Objective 7. Create more income opportunities

This objective deals with improving the economic condition of the less privileged Dipolognons. It shall facilitate the low-income families to have opportunities for gainful activities.

Strategic Objective 8. Encourage a healthy lifestyle through sports

The physical well-being of the Dipolognons is dealt with under this objective. The output of this objective is two-pronged: the (1) generation of awareness of the city’s 2020 vision, and (2) making them engaged into at least one (1) sport.

Financial Perspective

The City Government can only be effective in performing its mandate if it is financially sound. Thus, the Financial Perspective is considered equally significant as the four (4) perspectives described above.

Strategic Objective 9. Build efficient private-public partnership

The City Government shall open its doors to private investors to speed up implementation of government projects supportive to the vision. Private-public partnership schemes will be utilized in this aspect to ensure that both the private investors and the City Government will benefit from the partnership.

Strategic Objective 10. Augment local income through effective and efficient revenue generation

Under this objective, the City Government will continue to implement measures to continually increase its income from local sources.

Ensuring Strategic Execution

Third Key Component: The Balanced Scorecard

The Dipolog’s Balanced Scorecard is a performance measurement tool that aids in the monitoring and review of actual performances of the City Government vis-à-vis the set targets. The scorecard indicates the performance measures of each strategic objectives, performance targets and strategic initiatives. The performance measures help in the assessment of performance outputs in concrete and quantifiable terms. The performance targets are the rate of improvement needed by the City Government to attain the vision, while the strategic initiatives are key programs, projects, activities that must be implemented in order to attain the strategic objectives.

The approved Dipolog’s Balanced Scorecard initially indicates the performance targets of the first half of the 6-year period targeted under the vision, i.e., for the years 2014-2016. It has 12 performance measures and seven (7) strategic initiatives.

Performance Measures

The following are the performance measures used in the monitoring and evaluation of the success of the Dipolog in attaining the 2020 Vision:

1.   Number of tour packages + side events customized for major sports events.  

This specifies the number of tour packages developed and formally adopted by the tour operators, to serve the visitors and tourists in the city.

2.    Number of tourist-friendly barangays certified by the City Tourism Council

This measures how the barangays are adopting and complying with the COSCO (clean, orderly, safe and congenial) requirements set by the City Tourism Council.

3.    Number of outdoor sports facilities in the investible areas developed

This will assess how the city is faring in terms of its ability to attract private investments in constructing sports facilities in the city.


4.    Number of new major sports events hosted

The capability of the city in attracting sports organizers to stage their sports events in the city is determined under this measure.

5.    Number of major sports events staged for at least 3 consecutive years

This indicates how excellent the City is as host to sports events.

6.    Number of frontline and support systems streamlined

This measure indicates how serious is the City Government in pursuing improvements in its internal processes.

7.    Number of strategic departments  with technical expert

Competency is perceived to be acquired not only through training workshops, but also in actual work engagement.  This measure will provide enhancement of skills of employees of selected departments by implementing strategic initiatives with technical experts.  It is expected that after the initiatives are completed, the employees acquire the appropriate skill set necessary in their respective jobs.

8.    Number of DOLE-organized associations engaged in the production of Dipolog’s products using the shared service facilities of the government

This measures the ability of the City Government to organize low-income families and make them engage in the commercial production of products distinct to Dipolog by using the shared service facilities of the government.  Operating as associations and registering them with DOLE provide juridical personalities to these associations and facilitate access financial assistance in their income generating projects.

9.    Number of sectors involved in the “Sporty Dipolog” campaign

This indicates the efficacy of the advocacy campaign resulting to the engagement of all Dipolognons in at least one (1) sport.

10.    Number of Strategic Initiatives with PPP funding

The competence of the City Government to engage the private sector in the implementation of government projects is challenged here.  Private sector involvement is initially targeted in the implementation of strategic initiatives and expected to be facilitated in other government projects.

11.    Income generated by the Dipolog Sports Complex

As one of the focus areas under the vision, measuring the income generated by the Dipolog Sports Complex is directly proportional to physical improvements or sports activities operationalized in the complex.  By focusing on the economic aspect of the area, the City Government will also be prompt

ted to adopt appropriate management systems so that technical and financial inputs in the area commensurate outputs/outcome.


12.    Total income from local sources

Recognized as essential in the effective functioning of the City Government, income, especially from local sources, should be one of the main focuses.  By monitoring local income, offices involved in the generation of it will be provided with inputs to further improve operations and management.